Terminology used include:


Account provider The Glase user’s bank or credit institution that accepts and processes payment instructions from Glase.

API Application Programming Interface, interface to other components within or outside the Glase system.

App The Glase apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. “App” can also refer to your app. When the user presses a “pay” button or a link in your app, it launches the Glase app and presents the bill for the user to confirm the payment (i.e. the user does not need to scan a QR code). This feature requires integration.

Authorization service Interface for authorizing and adding accounts to a Glase user.


Backend The backend is the backbone of the Glase system, consisting of the components that support the frontend services; processing all the transactions and keeping information of all subscribers registered with Glase, etc.

Banklink The standardized API used for clearing of transactions between Glase and an account provider.


Cash register The register machine receiving payments with Glase, but normally referred to as “point of sale” (see POS). Also referring to the Cash Register Service API within the Glase system.

Client Includes the Glase user using Glase app, provisioners using ATMs and Internet banking as well as the merchant’s points of sale.

Clearing Is done in real time before the transaction is accepted. Glase expects this money to be available at a holding account by the time of settlement.


Device Device is a generic word denoting a Mobile Equipment without SIM; such as smartphone, cell phone, mobile handset, mobile terminal, tablet computer, USB-data module, Personal Digital Assistant, etc.

DoS Denial of Service


ERS 360 Electronic Recharge System 360, Glaseless payment platform.





Invoice Glaseless uses the word “Invoice” for defining the bill sent to the Glase user.




Loyalty Links merchant’s loyalty cards with Glase and have the rebates/bonus points automatically added to the points of sale.


Merchant The company selling goods and is waiting for a bill to be paid (can be vendor and/or cashier).


NFC Near Field Communication, a standard based communication technology enabling the device to be used for authorizing payments. Glase provides payments with NFC through a thin RFID circuit is embedded in the QR code sticker.


OTP One-time password.


P2P Peer to Peer, used for example when sending money from a Glase subscriber to another person.

POS Point of sale in a physical store.

POS protocol A SOAP based protocol using HTTPS used for communicating with the merchant’s point of sale.

Provider The Glase user’s banking system providing a SOAP/SSL bank account interface that Glase can connect to and send requests.

PKI Public-key infrastructure

Provisioning Accounts Service Interface for listing and removing accounts.

Provisioning Devices Service Interface for managing devices for example in case of theft.


QR code Quick Response Code, a matrix (2D) barcode.


Reconciliation Ensures that the balances match at the end of a particular accounting period, performed on a regular and ongoing basis.

Reconciliation reports Glase reports about transaction date, account number, total sum of the transactions and number of transactions.

Refund The Glase user has the opportunity to get the money back after a purchase.


SDK Software Developer Kit, providing a set of software development tools for creation of applications.

Settlement Glase system provides a merchant batch transfer file each day for the aggregated transfers that are to be settled.

Glase Mobile Wallet Glase is a system for mobile payments where to pay with your phone instead of using cash or cards.

Glase server Glase backend performing the service and the APIs.

Glase Tab The name of the mobile point of sale that Glaseless provides to merchants who do not use a point of sale directly integrated with Glase.

Services Services are a payment experience directly in the Glase app, which consists of choosing service options and then paying with Glase. Example is the Parking service.

Glase user The consumer paying goods with Glase.

SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol.

SSL Secure Sockets Layer


Terminal Glaseless uses the word “terminal” for registered handsets or point of sale terminals used by a reseller for selling products.




Webshop The Glase webshop interface provides merchants and service providers the possibility to deliver services and shopping experiences in a webshop solution.